Shower Tray/Sink Repairs Nottingham Derby & Leicester

Caravan & Motorhome Shower Tray and Plastic Sink Repairs.

We carry out shower tray, plastic sink in fact any interior plastic repairs to caravans and motorhomes.

Once caravan surgeon have carried out our repair to the affected area, your shower tray, sink etc… will not only look the part, but structurally we re-inforce the back to ensure not only a long lasting repair, but in fact offer substantially more strength than when the part was brand new.

caravan shower tray repairs

Note: The sink is not only showing signs of wear and tear through discolouration and deterioration, but cracking around the plug hole resulted in the owner of the caravan getting wet feet when having a wash.

caravan interior repairs

Cracking repaired and returned to it’s original condition.

caravan bathroom repairs

 Caravan/Motorhome Shower Tray Repairs

The shower tray repair below had an hair line crack, highlighted by a black marker pen, along with various staining marks as seen, looking like something had been spilt and left to rest after spillage, this had resulted in the liquid actually burning into the surface of the plastic and leaving marks that were impossible to remove by cleaning or even light sanding.

caravan shower tray repairs

First we had to repair the split and damaged plastic, along with the staining damaged areas, we then used the relevant white primer to prepare the surface for spraying.

motorhome shower tray repairs

The final task was to paint the shower tray in the correct colour to match the rest of the shower unit.

caravan shower tray repairers

Job done, another happy customer issued with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.