Caravan Paintwork Protection – Motorhome Paintwork Protection

Caravan & Motorhome Ceramic Paint Sealant & Fabric Protection

Protecting your caravan or motorhome’s paintwork and interior fabric is important and can be done in several ways,

  • We can professionally apply trade products for you
  • We can supply excellent apply yourself products.

Caravan & Motorhome RhinoGlaze X Ceramic Paintwork Protection.

Certified & Warranted Professional Application From £495 (Ask about our Winter Promotion)

Developed in the US by Element 119, Specialists in cutting edge Ceramic Coating Technologies, by partnering with them here in the UK we are now able to offer this Element 119 System X under our own brand name of RhinoGlaze X Ceramic Paintwork Protection.

ceramic caravan paint protection

Shine, Brilliance and Protection for Your Caravan or Motorhome

Your Caravan or Motorhome sees it all, roads, dirt roads, country lanes and other harsh environments. It’s important to keep your Leisure vehicle clean and looking good in the face of adversity, not only because they cost so much in the first place that it makes sense to keep it looking it’s best for your own sanity, but for resale value further down the line when you decide that it is time for a change. In British conditions your vehicle needs protection that goes above and beyond.

‘RhinoGlaze X Ceramice Paintwork Protection is the latest ceramic resin technology. Not a clear ptfe coating, wax, polish or typical paint sealant. This new coating exhibits outstanding resistance to the UV rays, friction, heat, and bird droppings. RhinoGlaze System X seals, protects, and bonds to all your Caravan or Motorhome surfaces, including composites.

RhinoGlaze X is a semi-permanent ceramic coating Scientifically formulated using proprietary components and technology. We offer the most advanced solution for enhancing and protecting against ugly black streaks, minor contamination damage to your paint, glass, exhaust, chrome, fabric and carpet surfaces. which bonds directly with your caravan or motorhome’s paintwork.


RhinoGlaze X Ceramic Paint Sealant Water Sheeting Presentation


RhinoGlaze Ceramic Paintwork Protection  Anti Graffiti Test



Contact Us to find out more about RhinoGlaze X Ceramic Paintwork Application.

Apply Yourself PTFE Paint & Fabric Protection Kit 

Caravan Surgeon Exterior Protection 

Pollutants in the atmosphere will progressively erode your paintwork, leaving black streak marks and stains or worse making the colour appear dull and faded. More serious damage is happening on a microscopic level, with the smooth surface of the factory applied finish being attacked leaving it pitted and receptive to dirt. The vicious cycle leads to a rapid degeneration – in months rather than years – and explains why your caravan or motorhome becomes harder to wash over time.

‘Caravan Surgeon Paint Protection’ has been specially developed to give your caravan or motorhome a hard, high gloss protective ‘shield’. Once applied to the exterior, the sealant provides a tough invisible barrier against ultra violet light, atmospheric pollution, tree sap, acid rain and bird lime. It also makes cleaning much easier because the dirt and muck lie on the surface of the protection.

Then on a 6 monthly basis one application of Caravan Surgeon Shell.

Once treated the painted surfaces of your caravan or motorhome will remain glossy and stain resistant for the time you own the vehicle – guaranteed.

Caravan Surgeon Interior Protection 

During the Caravan Surgeon Fabric Protection process each fibre is coated with an invisible organic resin based material. After treatment your fabric will be guaranteed against normal everyday spills and stains.

Your carpets are subject to more wear than any other part of the caravan or motorhome and can quickly lose their original appearance. Ground in dirt works down in to the pile of the carpet and wears it out. Simple vacuuming will not bring all the dirt to the surface. Caravan Surgeon Fabric Surface protection seals the base and surface fibre to prevent liquids from soaking into the carpet, meaning dirt and grime, including dog hairs, can be easily removed

Caravan Surgeon Paint Protection Kit

Equivalent protection packages usually cost upwards of £300 (For a small Two Berth Caravan) when applied by your dealer or detailing professional, you can now provide your caravan or motorhome with the same level of protection for a fraction of the cost and around three hours of your time…

Caravan Surgeon Nano Glaze Paint protection,  will protect your caravan or motorhome from acid rain, UV rays, oxidisation, oil and tar fading. It has crystal clear sealants which adhere to the paint work, leaving a high gloss finish.

caravan paint protection


  • Protects against acid rain
  • Protects against the Suns Ultraviolet rays
  • Protects against colour fading
  • Protects against oxidisation and fallout
  • Protects against snow, ice and salt
  • Ensures a continuous showroom shine
  • Helps protect against bird dropping damage
  • Prolongs the paint life of your vehicle
  • Easy washing and no polishing
  • No top ups or conservers required to maintain the seal

Nano Shell Spray Sealant is an advanced nanotechnology coating that protects and enhances the appearance automotive paintwork surfaces. Nano Shell Spray Sealant transparent coating that chemically bonds to treated surfaces. Nano Shell’s treated surfaces become more reflective, hydrophobic and partially self-cleaning. This characteristic greatly reduces the need for regular maintenance, and makes washing easier and less time consuming.

For best results, lightly mist Nano Shell over a single panel at a time and immediately wipe the panel down to spread a thin, even film of product using a cotton applicator pad or make up style applicator to apply. Once the Nano Shell has dried, buff the panel down to fully remove the film and reveal the shine.

To apply multiple coats in succession, allow a 90 minute curing time between each coat; ONLY apply 2-3 maximum,

Durability expected 1 – 2 years.

Body work should be prepared with Caravan Surgeon  Deep Clean Polish (paint detox) to ensure maximum durability from Caravan Surgeon Nano Shell.

Quick Guide

Stage 1 – Deep Clean Polish This powerful formulation employing Nano technology penetrates into the molecules of the paintwork preparing it for the final sealant and protection with Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Nano Seal Permanently bonds to the Stage 1 creating a protective coating on the paintwork like a second skin which resists attack and contamination from pollutants and road grime.


Caravan Surgeon Fabric Protect £29.95

Help fabrics to retain their new look for longer. This unique range of products offers exceptional protection for all types of fibres against a wide range of stains including water, soil, alcohol, acidic and oil based stains.

Contains an effective water repellent which prevents the absorption of liquid thus rendering the cloth water resistant.
Easy to apply
Does not alter the look feel or breathability
Render fabrics water repellent
Protect fabrics against:
Fizzy or hot drinks
Aqueous dyes
Cooking oils
Red wine

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