Caravan Damp Repairs Nottingham, Derby & Leicester

Caravan Damp Repairs Nottingham, Derby & Leicester

Virtually all caravans and motorhomes are susceptible to damage resulting from water ingress.

Here at caravan surgeon we can provide the solution, everything from a simple damp test using the very latest professional damp testing equipment to a full strip down, drying out and professional repair including repairing the original problem that resulted in the water ingress in the first place.

caravan damp repairs nottingham

At Caravan Surgeon we are able to carry out fully guaranteed caravan damp repairs otherwise called water ingress for our clients, anything from a small on site repair to a full strip down and replacement of interior panelling, whilst at the same time finding and repairing any external damage that has led to the water ingress in the first place.

Don’t be lured into cheap superficial damp repairs that will only last a matter of months, the only way to carry out a long lasting and thorough damp repair is by not only removing damaged panels and parts, drying out, repairing the damage that has caused the water ingress and finally replacing any damaged parts.

At Caravan Surgeon below I have listed just a few of the steps we follow that ensures a first class repair.

How we carry out a damp repair

Caravan Damp Test Report £60

Our caravan damp test report costs £60, we come to you and provide you with a full report covering all the areas as pictured below.

caravan damp test report

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